Grave robbers steal body of 98-year-old woman who died in 1996

In life, Pauline Spinelli never wanted anyone to know how old she really was, so when she died, her family had only one date carved on her grave – the year of her passing.

Now, Spinelli’s granddaughter Paula Lafolette wonders if that was the reason that the marauders singled out her grandmother’s crypt, which also houses the remains of her parents, two aunts and an uncle. 

‘I can’t image why anyone would want the body of my grandmother,’ she told CBS Philly.

Cemetery officials said the grave robbers came in during the night of July 26 or during the early morning hours of July 27 and smashed the door of crypt possibly using a large rock that was later found nearby.

The perpetrators then cracked the marble casing protecting the casket, pried open the coffin and stole the woman’s body dressed in a powder-blue gown.

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