Murder conviction without a corpse

Robert Zarinsky holds the distinction of being the first person convicted of murder in New Jersey without a body. Photo: New Jersey Department of Corrections

Although the body of 17-year-old Rosemary Calandriello of Atlantic Highlands was never found, investigators thought they could do what had never been done before in New Jersey – convict a suspect without a corpse. 

The suspect’s name was Robert Zarinsky, who was 29 when Calandriello went missing in 1969.

At trial in 1975, Zarinsky was convicted of murder.

Though he denied involvement during his trial, Zarinsky admitted to the crime in 1998. He told one questioner that he accidentally killed her and buried her body in northwest New Jersey. He told another investigator that he dumped Rosemary into the Atlantic Ocean.

Zarinsky died on Nov. 28, 2008 in South Woods State Prison in Bridgeton. He was 68.

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