Dudley Moore’s Plainfield death house

Dudley Moore, movie star and accomplished musician, died in near obscurity at a home in Plainfield. Photo via Wikipedia.

The house where Dudley Moore spent his last days is located on a quiet street in Plainfield.

By the early 1980s, British comedian Dudley Moore had become an unlikely superstar in America. Short of stature (he was 5-feet, 2-inches tall), the accomplished musician and funnyman was starring opposite Hollywood heartthrob Bo Derek in “10,” and television legend Mary Tyler Moore in “Six Weeks.”

He performed equally well in comedy and drama. Check IMDB for a list of his credits.

Moore was a hard partier, according to published reports and even his eldest son, Patrick, who claimed in a newspaper interview that Dudley owned two homes in Los Angeles — one for family, the other for wild parties.

By the 1990s, Moore was married to his fourth wife, Nicole Rothschild. One day police were called to his Los Angeles home on a report of battery to Nicole.

Dudley was arrested and police took his mugshot.

Dudley Moore, under arrest and accused of spousal battery in Los Angeles in 1995.

Shortly after the arrest, the couple split. And Moore reportedly began having problems with his memory. Barbra Streisand fired him from a show because he couldn’t remember his lines. And he told at least one person that the same thoughts kept playing in a loop inside his brain.

Moore was diagnosed with progressive supranuclear palsy, a rare but deadly brain disorder. He had only a short time to live.

Accepting his fate and not wishing to deteriorate in front of family or associates, Moore moved to New Jersey, where he purchased a modest home next to a concert pianist.

Here’s the house in the 1300 block of Martine Road in Plainfield where Dudley moved after he was diagnosed with a deadly brain disorder. He died inside this house on March 27, 2002. Photo: Anthony G. Attrino/Morbid New Jersey.

Moore made a final public appearance in 2001 when he traveled to Buckingham Palace in London to accept his appointment as Commander of the Order of The British Empire. He was mute and wheelchair bound during the ceremony.

Moore’s next-door neighbors, who cared for him until he died, lived in this house on Martine Avenue.

About 11 a.m. on March 27, 2002, Dudley Moore passed away inside of his Plainfield home. The cause of death was pneumonia, secondary to progressive supranuclear palsy.

He was buried less than a mile away in Scotch Plains.

Photo: Anthony G. Attrino/Morbid New Jersey


Photo: Anthony G. Attrino/Morbid New Jersey

Photo: Anthony G. Attrino/Morbid New Jersey