Dead like mom

Flowers are left on the doorstep of 17 Gillies St. in Clifton, where Robert Regazzi killed his mother before taking his own life.

Cheryl Regazzi reportedly told a neighbor that she could no longer afford the comfortable home she had shared with her son, Robert, in the years after her husband, Jack, had died.

She had no buyers for the house she’d purchased with her husband in the early 1990s.┬áThe house was for sale for about $230,000.

Cheryl, 53, worked as a medical biller for a business in Verona. Her son Robert, 20, still lived at home.

“Her son was her life,” one family member would comment after Cheryl died.

From Rob Regazzi's MySpace page.

The last time anybody saw Cheryl Regazzi was the night before Thanksgiving 2011, when she dragged her trash cans out to the curb for early morning pickup.

Sometime over the Thanksgiving holiday, Robert would choose a gun from his collection — police would later remove numerous firearms from the house — and shoot his mother one time, killing her.

Robert then ingested a large amount of narcotics, killing himself.

The Regazzis’ obituaries state they died on Saturday, Nov. 26.

Here are their obituary photos:

Chery Regazzi

Robert Regazzi

A wake and funeral were held together for mother and child at Marrocco Memorial Chapel on Colfax Avenue in Clifton, followed by a joint funeral mass at Sacred Heart RC Church. They were interred at St. Mary’s Cemetery.

Marrocco Memorial Chapel on Colfax Avenue in Clifton, where wake was held.

The family asked that in lieu of flowers donations be made to the family through the funeral home.

Other than financial difficulties the Regazzis had been having, no motive for the murder suicide has been revealed.

A few photos of inside the house: